instruments  natural trumpet in C 415 Hz (also in D 415 Hz) and strings.

year of production 2006 rev.08

commissioned by Pierre Torwald and Jönköping Sinfonietta

dedication Pierre Torwald and Jönköping Sinfonietta

duration 17‘   

first performance
April 22nd 2007

Elmia-salen, Jönköping

Pierre Torwald

Jönköping Sinfonietta

Conductor: Petter Sundkvist.


listen to excerpt here!

work comments

Ballo was composed in the year of 2006 (revised 2008) in collaboration with Pierre Torwald, to whom it is also dedicated.

Writing for a natural trumpet is a great challenge but at the same time also a funny and ingenuos developing process that there is a strong reason to expand the repertoire for this instrument. And the instrument has its restrictions, you cannot i.e. write chromatic passages that you can do on a ordinary trumpet. The restrictions as such has rather worked as a creative driving engine to unite a dialogue with the baroque traditions of the trumpet towards the modern playing style of the strings and the opposite.
The harmony is built on the overtone-series of the trumpet on the fundamental note C.

The starting point is the trills from the natural trumpet there are very precise and symmetric in which gives a pulse pattern. Its counter-side is a note that has an assymmetric rhythm. If you put these things together a state of dancing will occur (dance in Italian is called Ballo).

The work is divided into three movements and is played without a break.

1. Dansante – feverish, playful and spontaneous

2. Aria – sweet, silent and singable

3. Finale – fast, intense and wild!

Would like to give special thanks to trumpet professor Bo Nilsson for advice and support during the working process.

Benjamin Staern/Pierre Torwald

other perfomances  made


April 3rd

Pierre Torwald

Uppsala Kammarorkester

Paul Mägi

Radio broadcast on June 5th 2008 SR P2.

Reviews on Ballo:

Jönköpings Konserthus

Jönköpings Sinfonietta

Pierre Torwald, natural trumpet

Petter Sundkvist, conductor

[…] ”A study in trills both for the soloist on natural trumpet as well as the strings before he changed key by

changing valves before the conclusion with a motoric that indeed reminded of Lars-Erik Larsson.

An extremely spectular piece were the soloist Torwald mastered superbly the difficulties.
The young composer was also present and received well-deserved applause.” […]

Leif A Jansson, Jönköpingsposten April 23rd 2007

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

Uppsala Chamber Orchestra

Pierre Torwald, natural trumpet

Paul Mägi, conductor

[…] “In a three-movement composition that he calls Ballo he lets the natural trumpet sound against a

shimmering background of strings and the overall impression was very enjoyable…the syncopated

chromaticism really swings.” […]

Gunnar Tibell, Uppsala Nya Tidning April 5th 2008


Sketch draft of the first phrase of the trumpet part