Contrasts in motion


instruments four percussionists

year of production 2009

commissioner Malmö Opera Percussion Ensemble

duration 9‘   

first performance
March 16th 2010

Malmö Opera, Malmö

Malmö Opera Percussion Ensemble


listen to it here!

work comments

The title is described as a constant metamorphosis, a continuous change in motion and time.
The rhythmic idea is based on the drum sound from the primitive tribal culture.
The sound (music) varies and is constantly moving to different moods, gestures, and tempo changes and constantly altering shapes.
Besides the usual percussion instruments used there is also "junk percussion” like garbage lids, brake drums, anvils and tin cans! One might characterize it as a dance piece and describing it as a kind of virtual choreography - but without the dancing! - rather like a dance for the soul!

Reviews on Contrasts in motion:

Malmö Opera Percussion Ensemble
Malmö Opera, Malmö

[…] ”[it] was magnificent with an interesting mix of styles, sometimes ferocious, other times more subtle. And it was catchy, you wanted to drop in and tap the beat.” […]

Lars-Erik Larsson, Skånska Dagbladet 18 mars 2010