Endast luft och brus


instruments  tuba and live-electronics
year of production 2004-05

  Kjetil Myklebust

duration 8’  

first performance

March 5th 2005

Sirenfestivalen 2005

Artisten, Göteborg

Kjetil Myklebust, tuba and
Benjamin Staern, computer.


recorded on CD by tubist Kjetil Mykebust

”Electric Tuba” C-Y Contemporary CY0904, available at Amazon, iTunes Music Store and assorted music stores around the world.

work comments

Endast luft och brus (Swedish, means "Only air and noise") is a pre-study to Sacrificio for tuba solo, live-electronics and orchestra and is composed in close collaboration with the tuba player
Kjetil Myklebust. There is also a version for mixed choir and live-electronics that was performed on the Stockholm New Music 2005.

The main focus is based on different consonant sounds formed in the tuba:

”ch” (German pron. i.e. "ich"), ”sh” (Eng.pron. i.e. "vanish"), ”r” (normal r), ”R” (rolling r ), ”f”, ”s”, ”a”, ”e”, ”i” and ”o”.

The other things is vocal attacks: ”k”, ”t”, ”p” and ”g”.

The vocal noise sounds are very abstract, non-cultural but with a certain linear motion that is interrupted with vocal attacks that are more cultural and has in this case a form of a tuba. The found object is to be heard on the first phrase of the tuba. In the score it says "libero e dolcissimo (freely and sweet) quasi cantus firmus". What it differs from an ordinary cantus firmus is that it is more dynamic and expressive.

other performances


May 11th

Lilla salen, Malmö

world premiere rev. version

Kjetil Myklebust (tuba) and Benjamin Staern (computer)

June 2nd

Rosenbergsalen, Malmö

Kjetil Myklebust (tuba) and Benjamin Staern (computer)

October 30th

Borderline Bonus Event #1

Ars Nova

Palladium, Malmö

Kjetil Myklebust (tuba) and Benjamin Staern (computer)


January 15th

Portrait Concert

Skissernas Museum, Lund

Kjetil Myklebust (tuba) and Benjamin Staern (computer)


September 28th

FST 100 år

Grünewaldssalen, Konserthuset, Stockholm

Kjetil Myklebust (tuba) and Benjamin Staern (computer)

Reviews on Endast luft och brus (Only air and noise):

About Endast luft och brus for tuba and live-electronics.

Ars Nova


Kjetil Myklebust, tuba

Benjamin Staern, computer

[…] ”In Endast luft och brus [Only air and noise] catches digitally and physically into one another through an unusual rhythmical and direct teamwork between Kjetil Myklebusts tuba and digital sounds in a hundred layers.” […]

Matti Edén, Sydsvenska Dagbladet November 1st 2005

Portrait Concert January 15th

Skissernas Museum/Lund

Kjetil Myklebust, tuba

Benjamin Staern, electronics

[…] ”exciting rhythmic pulse” […]

Lennart Bromander, Skånska Dagbladet January 17th 2007

Reviews on Kjetil Myklebust Electric Tuba C-Y Contemporary CY0904

[…] ”Staern’s piece ”Endast luft och brus/Only air and noise” works best with its sparse electronic sounds, breathing and muffled intonation to be the disc's strongest contribution.” […]

Soundofmusic, Johan Redin February 2010.

[…] ” this music is heard without ears, through a more sensitive and more profound form of perception. Benjamin and Kjetil are the shamans that deliver these unforeseen impressions.” […]

Sonoloco Records Reviews, Ingvar Loco Nordin, January 2010

[…] ”Endast luft och brus (Only air and noise) by Benjamin Staern is a more sophisticated affair.

is a study towards a concerto for tuba, live electronics and orchestra. The high glissandos in the electronics hark back to Darmstadt, while the gradually evolving textures demonstrate more sophisticated technological resources. This piece works, better than any other on the disc in my opinion, it retains the identity and almost physical presence of the tuba. One of the most interesting effects comes from Myklebust growling and singing into the tuba and varying the pitch to created interference patterns. This is then taken up by the electronics and manipulated further - an example of ”Kontakte” even Stockhausen would have been proud of.”[…]

MusicWeb International, Gavin Dixon, March 2010 


Copy of the first page of the score of Endast luft och brus.

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