Fyra färger


flute, clarinet, percussion, viola, cello (version A)

flute, clarinet, percussion, 2 cellos (version B)

year of production 2000 (version A), 2000/01 (version B)

duration 7’  

first performance
January 19 2001, (Version A)

Inkonst, Malmö (Flextid 2001).

Musicians from the Malmö Academy.

Conductor: the composer.

May 22 2001, (Version B)

Rosenbergsalen, Malmö.

Musicians from the Malmö Academy of Music.

Conductor: the composer.


work comments

The point of reference is from the phenomenon called synaesthesia which is an ability to see colours. I wanted to project the abstract essence of when you see colours in the notes.

Synaesthesia is a widespread topic in music, literature, visual arts, dance, social events etc. and can vary from one person to another.

The basic material consists of eight notes (G-G#-A-B-C#-D-D#-F) in which is derived from an earlier piece called Muramaris for 15 solo strings. The gestures is derived from Japanese kabouki-theatre and no-play where many movements are really economized but rich in expression.

It is divided in four equally short movements and are to be performed without a break with the following descriptions.

1. Grön ("Green") - calm and melancolic

2. Röd ("Red") - aggressive and piercing

3. Blå ("Blue") - meditative

4. Gul ("Yellow") - spontaneous and vibrant.

About Fyra färger for flute, clarinet, percussion, viola and cello:

Große Aula der Universität/Salzburg, Austria

Aspekte New Music Ensemble/Kai Röhrig

[…] ”Colours and tones, that is a fascinating history at the latest since Scriabin…an interesting experiment and a talented composer.” […]

Gottfried Franz Kasparek, Drehpunkt Kultur Salzburg February 13 2006

other performances


March 12


Artisten, Gothenburg.

Ensemble For New Music at the Gothenburg School of Music and Musicology.

Einar Nielsen, conductor (Version A)

May 14

Södra Latin, Stockholm

Södra Latin Chamber Ensemble (Version B)

Christian Karlsen, conductor

May 28

Andreaskyrkan, Stockholm

Södra Latin Chamber Ensemble (Version B)

Christian Karlsen, conductor


January 7

Maria Magdalena Kyrka, Stockholm

Reunion Concert with former and present students

of Södra Latin Gymnasium

Södra Latin Chamber Ensemble (Version A)

Christian Karlsen, conductor



Große Aula der Universität, Salzburg, Austria

Aspekte New Music Ensemble (Version A)

Kai Röhrig, conductor



Musikkens Hus, Kristiansand, Norway
Ensemble Souno Nordico (Version A)
Robin Rolfhamre, conductor


October 31st

Palladium, Malmö
C-Y Ensemble (Version A)
Magnus Karlsson, conductor

Musicians from Södra Latin performing Fyra färger

with Christian Karlsen as a conductor at a performance from the Reunion Concert January 7th 2006 at Maria Magdalena Church in Stockholm.