The lonely one


instruments violin solo

year of production 2000/05

Annika Gustafsson

duration 9‘

first performance

December 1st 2000,

Caroli Kyrka,
Annika Gustafsson


recorded on CD by violinist Björn Kleiman

”Dr Caligari” C-Y Contemporary CY0701, available at Amazon, iTunes Music Store and assorted music stores around the world.

listen to it on Spotify.

work comments

The lonely one  was composed during May and June of the year 2000.

It was written for Annika Gustafsson, to whom it is also dedicated. It was world-premiered on December 1 the same year in Caroli Church in Malmö. After that I had composed The Threat of War that was a dramatic and massive work for orchestra, I wanted to focus on melodic as well as harmonic and rhyhtmical processes combined with a inner dramatic content. In this case the solo violin works as a narrator where the piece itself is like a ”monologue without words”.

In the score there are imprinted expressions like ”racontare” (tellingly), ”piacevole” (pleasingly) och ”sospirare” (sighing).

The lonely one is divided in three sections.

1. Doloroso (”Painful”) - the violin plays almost imperceptly sighing glissandi that forms the basic material of the work. Its character is constantly searching. It leads up to the section Risoluto (”Resolute”) that has a very determined and edgy expression.

2. Misterioso (”Mysteriously”) - the materials from the previous section are now further developed. It builds up and breaks down during the course of the journey. Eventually it reaches a climax on a high d.

3. Calmando e espressivo (”Calmingly and expressive”) - From the high d it is stepping down to a recapture on material from the first part slightly changed and moody character. It dies out slowly with the lonely notes.

other perfomances  made


January 20th

Malmö Högskola


"FLEXTID 2001"

Annika Gustafsson

May 19th

Malmö, Rosenbergsalen

Annika Gustafsson


May 22nd

S:t Gertrud, Malmö

Musikhögskolan i Malmö 100 år

Anne-Sophie Andersen


October 29th

Atalante, Göteborg

Björn Kleiman


February 2nd UK PREMIERE

Swedish Hall Concerts

London, United Kingdom

Björn Kleiman

Reviews on The lonely one for solo violin

(from the CD “Dr Caligari” C-Y Contemporary),

Björn Kleiman, solo violin.

[…] ”On the CD 'Dr Caligari' the violinist Björn Kleiman unleashes all inhibitions together with pianist David Wärn in a series of pieces that dreams and yearns beyond all boundaries. A young new sturm und drang-music that sometimes floats out wildy as with Stefan Klaverdal, that makes foul things at sleep as with Mats Larsson-Gothe or who makes extremely lonesome and crying as with Benjamin Staern.” […]

Martin Nyström, Dagens Nyheter, April 18th 2007

[…] ”Very bold and right!…The title ‘Dr Caligari’ aims at Mats Larsson-Gothes silent movie inspired opening work; harsh and wild in the first section, later more devout. Similar contrasts is found throughout the disc in works by Hjorth, Klaverdal as well as Benjamin Staern and Albert Schnelzer. Extramusical connections is noticeable in many places, without that the music feels less independent.” […]

Matti Edén, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, April 24th 2007

[…] “This composition is very engaging, from the first, mist-like moments across gray rock, to the feverish dreamscape of one who can only identify with the Lapland redshank, stepping about in destitute and impoverished emotions under northern skies, at the very end of the violin bow, as it cuts through desperation in sharp sonic incisions, scarring time and mind. Beautiful!” […]

Ingvar Loco Nordin, Sonoloco Record Review, April 25th 2007.


Björn Kleiman tuning up the violin at the concert on Atalante in Gothenburg

on October 29th with the Swedish Duo.

Photo taken by Mats O Hansson.