Tvärdrag (”Cross Draught”)


instruments  double string orchestra.

I: violin 1A, violin 2A, viola 1, cello 1, double bass 1

II: violin 1B, violin 2B, viola 2, cello 2, double bass 2

year of production 2007

commissioned by Malmö Opera Orchestra

Per-Otto Johansson  and the strings from Malmö Opera Orchestra

duration 6‘   

first performance

May 11th 2007

Malmö Opera, Malmö

Strings from Malmö Opera Orchestra

Per-Otto Johansson


work comments

Tvärdrag (“Cross Draught” in English) was composed in 2007 to the string musicians at the Malmö Opera and conductor Per-Otto Johansson.

It has become more or less usual in today’s IT-community where you log in on different networks where you send and reply to messages from your contacts. Musically speaking it comes across with i.e. antiphonies (a response, usually sung in Gregorian chant, to a psalm or some other part of a religious service, such as at Vespers or at a Mass), canon (a melody with one or more imitations) and cantus firmus (a melody used as basis in multiple parts, which is richly ornamented).

The orchestra is divided into two groups and is placed in mirror towards each other so that a “cross draught” is formed in between, i.e. a melodic line, chords, rhythms and grooves is thrown from one group to another.

Sometimes it overlaps to create other types of polyphonies (multiple parts).

What exists in these polyphonies is up to the listener’s imagination to find out and explore.