instruments  organ solo



year of production 2008



commissioner Hans Fagius with financial support from Sensus for Kumla Organ Festival 2008



dedication Hans Fagius



duration 9‘   



first performance
June 6 2008

Kumla, Kumla Kyrka

Hans Fagius, organ



work comments

Fluxus (means “to flow” in Latin).

It represents different kinds of flows that occur during the course of the piece.
In this case it concerns with two elements: harmonic and rhythmic states. You can easily divide this work into three sections:


1. Floating, harmonic

2. Rhythmical, dancing

3. Merging of these above-mentioned elements.


The listener is free to find out what exists in these sections.

Fluxus was commissioned to the Kumla Organ Festival 2008 and is dedicated to organist Hans Fagius.

other performances  



June 28 2008

St Audoen’s Church  IRISH PREMIERE!

Dublin, Ireland

Hans Fagius, organ


June 29 2008

Church of the Immaculate Conception

Wexford, Ireland

Hans Fagius, organ


July 4 2008


Stuttgart, Germany

Hans Fagius, organ


October 5 2008

Skt Johannes Kirke  DANISH PREMIERE!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hans Fagius, organ


October 16 2008

Fredrikstads Domkirke   NORWEGIAN PREMIERE!

Fredrikstad, Norge

Hans Fagius, organ


November 23 2008



Hans Fagius, organ



February 14 2010

Lomma kyrka, Lomma
Hans Fagius, organ


June 13 2010

Keski-Porin Kirkko FINNISH PREMIERE!

Pori, Finland
Hans Fagius, organ


July 10 2010

Toyota Concert Hall  JAPANESE PREMIERE!
Toyota, Japan
Hans Fagius, organ


July 17 2010
Muse Ark Hall
Tokorozawa, Japan
Hans Fagius, organ


October 13 2010

Christuskirche, Mainz, Germany
Hans Fagius


October 17 2010

St. Katharienenkirche, Frankfurt, Germany
Hans Fagius



March 21st 2011

St Johannes Kyrka, Malmö

Christian Schultze


August 23 2011 

Adolf Fredriks Kyrka, Stockholm
Mila Thoors


June 28th  2012

Tromsø, Norway
Mila Thoors


August 11th 2012

Tiarno di Sotto, Italy ITALIAN PREMIERE!
Mila Thoors


July 3 2013

Inkoon Kirkjo, Inkoon, Finland
Niels Burgmann



July 18th 2014


Lübeck, Germany
Hans Fagius


August 3 2014


Bergen, Norway

Hans Fagius


August 13 2014


Dresden, Germany

Hans Fagius


August 20 2014


Hamburg, Germany

Hans Fagius


August 22 2014


Copenhagen, Denmark

Hans Fagius


September 21 2014

Nicolai kyrka, 

Nyköping, Sweden

Hans Fagius


September 27 2014

Glemmen kirke,

Fredrikstad, Norway.
Hans Fagius



March 20 2015

Perm, Russia (Ural) RUSSIAN PREMIERE!

Hans Fagius


March 24 2015

Chelyabinsk, Russia (Ural)
Hans Fagius


March 27 2015
Olaus Petri kyrka, Örebro
Hans Fagius



June 5  2016

Ekenäs, Finland
Niels Burgmann


June 15  2016

Gamla Kyrkan, Helsinki, Finland
Niels Burgmann



April 30 2022

Vor Frue Kirke, Copenhagen, Denmark
Peter Navarro-Alonso



Reviews on Fluxus for organ solo

St Audoen’s Church, Dublin, Ireland

Hans Fagius

[…] “effective new work” […]

Martin Adams, Irish Times, July 3rd 2008


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