instruments trumpet and small orchestra
– 2*22*2 2000 01 10, str (8-6-4-3-2).

commissioner Filip Draglund with support from Rosenborg/Gehrmans Foundation.

year of production 2015

dedication Filip Draglund


movements:  1.Introduction – Fantasia; 2. Aria; 3. Scherzo


duration 20‘  

first performance
April 26th 2015,

Konserthuset Helsingborg
Filip Draglund, trumpet solo

Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra






work comments

It is a lyrical concertino in three movements for solo trumpet and small orchestra that consists of double woodwinds, 2 horns, percussion, harp and strings. The main focus of the instrumentation is derived directly from the classical period where the sound itself is described as ”soft as satin.” Trumpet solo works as a singer and the orchestra as a choir.


First movement ”Introduction – Fantasia” starts with a brilliant opening, which is a cantable movement in which the soloist comments the orchestras parts spontaneously and happy. In the second part the orchestra does vice versa. A tapto from the trumpet makes woodwinds furious and it ends with the solo trumpet in a cluster in the strings and snare drum.


Second movement ”Aria” is the most ”bel canto”-like movement of the whole concertino which has also sudden shifts and tempo changes. The second part is like ”night music” with bells and the trumpet is muted throughout till the end.


Third movement ”Scherzo” is a bubbly, playful movement where the trumpet jumps like a wild spring and ends with a cadenza like a cartoon.



[…] ”I den första satsen tvingades solisten gång på gång upp i det högsta registret för att glänsa över den raffinerat instrumenterade orkestern, vilket Draglund klarade alldeles utmärkt. I den långsamma mellansatsen fick han tillfälle att låta sitt instrument sjunga i en tudelad aria, där den andra delen blev till en fascinerande nattmusik genom att solisten spelade med sordin. Verket rundades sedan av med en lekfull final där solisten gavs många möjligheter att visa prov på en mästerlig fraseringskonst..” […]

”In the first movement the soloist was forced, time and again, up into the highest register to show off his technique above the sophisticated instrumentation of the orchestra. Draglund managed this admirably. In the slow middle movement he had occasion to let his instrument sing in an aria in binary form, in which the second part became fascinating nocturnal music as the soloist played with the mute on. The work was then rounded off with a playful finale where the solo- ist was given many opportunities to display his masterful art of phrasing.”

Henrik Halvarson, Helsingborgs Dagblad 27.4. 2015

other performances



Berwaldhallen, Stockholm

Filip Draglund, trumpet

Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Ben Gernon, conductor

Radio broadcast on SR P2 May 24th 2017



September 22 2018

De Geer Hallen, Norrköping

Filip Draglund, trumpet

Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

Ola Rudner, conductor


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