colour wandering

instruments brass ensemble: 1 picc trpt, 2 trpt, 1 flugelhorn, horn, 3 trombones (alto-tenor-bass), euphonium and tuba.



commissioner BIBA Blekinge International Brass Academy, Karlskrona 


year of production 2002



duration 10’   



first performance 
June 29 2002

Amiralitetskyrkan, Karlskrona
Musicians from BIBA

Anthony Plog






work comments

The form of the piece has sort of a ’rondo’-like structure and divided into three sections.


The sections however is deliberately disordered and characters changes, where the related sections diminishes and augmentes in space of time.


The harmony as well, is also distorted by micro-intervals and feels like looking through broken windows. It starts with a reversed ’big-bang’ but suddenly the wandering begins between high and low ”coloured” instruments. 



Benjamin Staern



March 18 2005

Södra Sandbys kyrka

Aero Ensemble

Håkan Hardenberger


May 1 2005

Conservatory of Music, Birmingham UK PREMIERE

Aero Ensemble

Håkan Hardenberger


May 3 2005

Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester

Aero Ensemble

Håkan Hardenberger


May 4 2005

Royal Military Academy, Grenwich

Aero Ensemble

Håkan Hardenberger


May 6 2005

Blackheath Halls, London

Aero Ensemble

Håkan Hardenberger


February 20 2016

Academy of Music, Malmö

Brass ensemble at Academy of Music, Malmö

Håkan Hardenberger



May 2 2019

Academy of Music, Stockholm

Brass ensemble at Academy of Music, Stockholm

Joakim Agnas


Reviews on Colour wandering for 10 brass players


Blackheath Halls/London, England

Aero Ensemble/Håkan Hardenberger

[…] ”hauntingly explored instrumental blends and colours, enhanced by those reflected 

on the gleaming instruments from the blue and red stage lightning.” […]

Peter Grahame Woolf, Musical Pointers May 7th 2005.


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